Sworn translation (not to be surprises)

The world of translation has great importance in virtually any sector or activity. Get to everyone is something that seems definitive in dealing with any business or company. However, when we refer to legal texts, how should we proceed?

Sworn translation according to the definition of Wikipedia is “the translation of official documents, carried out by a translator also acknowledged by an official instance and call, by that reason, expert translator or certified translator and sworn translator, among other denominations”. This description of the term, it is important to highlight the official character both documents and the own translator.

The peculiarities of the official texts require a special treatment of the sensitivity of the information, as well as the consequences that can arise from not make a reliable translation and with greater accuracypossible. A misreading of a concept or ignorance of a legal topic in different laws can change the meaning or purpose of a contract, for example.